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hEIDI Projects

hEIDI project is the entry point for MS Identifications data exploration and visualization. In order to work on identifications data, the first step is to create an hEIDI Project.

Most of the MSI information is stored in the project's database. But there are still some validation result and expertise data that are not saved in the database, these data are stored in the hEIDI project. Theses informations are : contexts comparison result (on which validation could have been done), proteins lists…

An hEIDI project is always associated to a MSIdb connection and should have been used to open a session in order to be able to work with it.

Active hEIDI Project

An active project is visible with a blue icon (a gray icon for inactive project).
Under the project, we can found :

  • The MSI db connection, which is only given only for information : server host, database an user was configured for this project MSI connection. To explore the MSI database with SQL queries and generic database tools, use the Service/Databasewindow.
  • Project relative data : contexts comparison result…
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