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How to open an MSI Session

MSI session can be opened for any hEIDI project, see how to create an hEIDI Project for more information.

An MSI session should be opened in order to be able to explore a MSI db content. This could be done in one or two few steps.

  • Activate hEIDI Project (optional) : If two projects are associated to the same MSI db, only one could be active at the same time. Even the project content is only visible for active projects.
    • To active a project right-click on the project node in Project tab and choose Activate Project.
    • The project's content is now visible : connection information and previously saved data (contexts comparison results, …)
  • Open Session :
    • Select the hEIDI project to work on and click menu MS Identifications > Open session…. If the selected project was not active, hEIDI will first try to execute first step (see above).
    • A new tab, identified with project's name, is open and display the MSIdb context content.


  • If Activate Project option is not available, verify there is no other project active for the same MSI db.
  • The following error occurs if the database connection associated with the project doesn't exist any more.

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