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Identifications, runs and samples


Identification result issued from a search engine, such as Mascot® server and validated by user are represented by Identification. These identifications could have been done on 1 peak list or on a merged peak list.

  • In the first case, a unique Run is associated to the identification to represent the spectrometer acquisition.
  • In the latter case, where a merged peak list have been submitted to the search engine, there will be few Runs associated to the identification, one for each original peak list.

In all case, a Sample can be associated to one or more Run (in aliquots case for example). In some rare case, when run represents acquisition control, there will be no sample linked to the run.

These informations are accessible on edit mode.


Identifications properties are organized into filter, parser, spectra, false positive and software groups. It is possible to view simply these properties or to edit them.

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