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How to visualize protein groups information details

There is few ways to access to the protein group detail page :

  • From Protein Groups list : right-click on ths protein group (typical) of your choice in the ContextExplorer window and select View Protein in the context sensitive menu or if a protein group window is already opened, just select a new protein group in the list.

  • From a Compare context with each other result table : click in one of the Protein(ref) or Protein(comp) cells to update the protein group view. A Protein Group window should be opened. If it is not the case, first open one by selecting menu Window > Protein Group

  • From a Compare context with Child result full table : click on one row to update the protein group view with the parent context protein group information. If there is no protein group window opened, right-click on a row in the result table and select View Protein

In all case it is possible to stop updating the protein group window using the right-upper corner pin icon. In this case, for any other protein group detail view, a new protein group window should be opened.

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