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How-to export Protein Groups, their peptides and their leaves

Run the Export Data feature

  1. From the MSIExplorer view, select the UserContext node to export data from
  2. Select MS Identifications→Context→Export→Data from the main menu bar, to display the Export Data dialog
  3. Select Export protein groups with peptides & leaves from the top droplist
  4. Change default settings if needeed
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Select the .csv file to export to

Details about resulting .csv file

See below for an example of export. Colours have been added for explanations.

  • In red, the protein group (ID, sequence, length, mass, PI, score, coverage, #peptides)
  • In orange, the “direct” peptide(s) in the protein group (ID, sequence, calc mass, exp mass, score, start, stop, elution, #leaves)
  • In yellow, the experimental peptides (i.e. the “leaves”), for each “direct” peptide (ID, sequence, context name, query, search title, sample name)

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