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How to run and access spectral count data

:!: Since hEIDI 1.13.0, spectral count has been tuned. To achieve this, the new field leaves_match_count in MSIdb has been created in the peptide_instance table. For this reason, an MSIdb migration has to be realized to add & populate this field if you intend to use the hEIDI 1.13.0 version.

Run the Spectral Count algorithm

Spectral Count algorithm should have been run at least once :

  1. Select one or more context of your choice (for which protein grouping have been executed)
  2. Right-click and select Algorithms > Compute Spectral Count
  3. Check/Uncheck optional parameters to compute. Then OK.

Settings spectral count algorithm

View spectral count data

When Spectral Count algorithm execution is finished, you can retrieve results and parameters used in:

  • properties of every Protein Groups in that context

 Protein Group properties

 ContextExplorer window showing Spectral Count results

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