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PRIDE Inspector

PRIDE Inspector is an application to visualize and perform a first quality assessment of MS data.
With PRIDE Inspector users can have a close look at their own data before the actual submission, or access data already in PRIDE for data mining purposes.


PRIDE Inspector is available at

  • Dowload the file, then unzip.
  • To execute PRIDE Inspector, double-click on pride-inspector-X.Y.Z.jar
  • To open a PRIDE XML file, select the File→Open File… menu and browse to an PRIDE XML file


Why do I not get the same number of peptides between hEIDI & Pride Inspector ?

Peptide unicity in an hEIDI context is based on sequence & calculated mass.
For example, the peptide FASFIDKVR is represented by one peptide node in the Peptide View.
This peptide matches on 15 master proteins (see the Protein Group(s) match(es) column) but 7 other proteins as well (information not visible in hEIDI)

In Pride Inspector, a row exists for each peptide-protein match.
For example, the peptide FASFIDKVR appears 22 times: one row for each protein match.

So, the number of peptides in Pride Inspector is generally bigger than the peptide count in a User context.

The Experiment Details tab

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