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Context is a central notion in hEIDI. Basically, it contains identification results, i.e. a set of proteins identified by a set of peptides.
There are two types of contexts in hEIDI:

  • Search context: each identification result from Mascot, or from any other identification engine, is automatically “encapsulated” into one Search context.
  • User context: it is created by the user in order to gather together several identification results into a User context. In order to have non-redundant sets of proteins for a given context, proteins need to be grouped to build “Protein Groups”.

Context tree view

User Context

A User context is represented by .
A User context contains either child contexts or identifications but can't have both at the same level.

There are multiple reasons for grouping several identifcations under the same User context:

  • Same biological origin
  • Same gel
  • Same culture condition
  • Same chromatographic column

Search Context

Search context is represented by .

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