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How to check that all identifications have been filtered with the same parameters

To check if your identification results have been filtered in the same way:

  • Go the the Identifications tab (you can retreive it from the main menu Window > Identifications).
  • Select multiple identifications using the Shift key (or Ctrl key for a disjoinct selection).
  • Right-click to display the context sensitive menu and select properties.
  • A window will show up displaying all the properties for these identifications. There are different sets of properties (general properties, false pasitive, filter, etc.) and each of them can be collapsed/expanded. If <different values> appears for a given property, it means that this property is different for the group of selected identifications. If the property is the same for all the selected identifications, the property value appears.
  • Scroll down to the 'filter' category and check the filter properties you are interested in.
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