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How-to view PRIDE log

When exporting to PRIDE XML format:

  • PRIDE messages having ERROR severity are displayed in the hEIDI console
  • ALL PRIDE messages (DEBUG, INFO, ERROR…) are displayed in a separated file (pride.log) at the hEIDI root

:!: It's very important to have a look to this log file, especially to check:

  • Database name may be too long and truncated to 30 chars. Check it is still meaning full.
  • “Home made” peptide modifications don't have UNIMOD definition. Check them !

When PRIDE XML export is finished, a dialog will popup to display the log file. You can recall this PRIDE log using:

  • View→PRIDE log menu from hEIDI
  • Go to the Windows Explorer and open the <HEIDI_INSTALL_DIR>\pride.log folder in your favourite text editor

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