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-===== Connecting ===== +  * First of all you need to [[how_to:​dbconnection|get a connection on the MSI db]] (Mass Spectrometer Identification database)\\ 
- +  * The next step is to [[how to:​createProject|create an hEIDI project]]\\ 
-First of all, we need to get a connection on Mass Spectrometer Identification database ​(MSI db) +  * Then you are ready to [[how_to:​opensession|open a working session on the MSI db]]\\ 
-In the Service window, select ​the database server hosting ​the MSI DB and enter connection properties in approprated field. +  * At this stage, hEIDI opens two new tabs (windows
- +    ​* ​the identifications tab contains all the identification results of the selected MSIdb  
-{{:connect.png|}} +    * the other tab contains all user and mascot [[.:userguide:​contextdefinition|contexts]]. Context is a central notion in hEIDI. Basically, it contains identification results ​ 
-**Connection to postgres server**+  You can [[.:​how_to:​browsecontextprotgroups|browse the content]] of context and view a [[how_to:​viewprotgroups|protein group detail]] 
 +To go further read other sections of the [[.:​start:​|documentation]]
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